The Inmate's Baby

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About the author

Ashley Paige

Ashley Paige can be called many things on any given day. Stay at home mama, wife, wrangler of chickens, writer of romance, keeper of the snacks.
They all work.
Ashley is married to her high school sweetheart, who seems to get more handsome with each passing year, and they share three wild, beautiful kiddos together.
She spends her days taking care of their hellions along with the many animals her indulgent husband let her accumulate during the pandemic.
(Current count: 1 Bulldog, 1 Spaniel, 12 chickens & 2 bunnies)
She cares for everyone and everything inside the home and loves every minute of it.
Ashley is a fan of love, and all things romance.
When the house gets quiet for the night, she likes to sit and write, all the while thinking of ways to keep her kids from reading the steamy stories that fly from her fingertips onto the computer screen.