How to Respond to Disability Curiosity from Kids

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Trish Allison

It's never too late to pursue your passion. Sounds trite, but it's so true!
After surviving and overcoming an 'against all odds' past (alcoholic mother, narcissist father, drug addiction, special-needs sibling, the list goes on!), Trish reinvented herself by combining her 60+ years of hard-earned wisdom, countless hours of counseling, a sporadic career in procedural writing, and a long-ignored passion to write something meaningful -- into a collection of social-justice parenting books. 
As the mother of two grown (equality-enlightened) kids, writing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) instructional booklets for parents was a logical next step for Trish. Each short book in the Modern Parent Guidebook collection is purposely concise for busy, modern parents who want to raise open-minded kids.
The timing for a collection of step-by-step DEI parenting guidebooks couldn't be better. As the world finally (slowly) awakens to the dire need to reduce cultural unfairness, helping parents raise a generation of open-minded kids is critical.