Megan and Mary Paired By Fate

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About the author

M. A. Gilbertson

I am publishing under the pen name of M. A. Gilbertson.
I have always built grand detailed worlds filled with individuals and creatures from my own imagination, but also sometimes intermixed with those from mythology, legend, lore and history. All the characters and events that fill my books are purely fictionalized for the purpose of the stories.
I have been writing and creating fantasy art since my teenage years. I only recently started to publish my work. My works have previously only been for the purpose of my own amusement or to share with family and friends. Everyone I have shared my tales of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Adventure with has greatly enjoyed them. I will now start to share them with the world; I hope you enjoy reading my books and stories. 
If you enjoy any of my works of adventure and mayhem across the Multiverse, please spread the word. I am starting with the first book in the Saga of Megan and Mary or the M&M Saga, "Megan and Mary Play the Cosmic Game". Book 2 is coming, and I plan to release many more books in the future, filled with people and places from across the Multiverse.

​​​​​​​All illustrations and photos used for the covers and any other images in my books are my work (Michelle Gilbertson) unless otherwise noted; or were added to the book via publishing embellishments, such as chapter heading icons etc. The first book is sparse on images other than those conjured by the words on the page but the plan is to have more illustrations in future editions and upcoming books.

I am a proud member of the LGBT community, so my books will feature a diverse spectrum of characters. Many of my books will be recommended for readers over sixteen which I consider to be the more appropriate age for R-rated material. I will give those looking to buy any of my books; my recommendation of what ages the text would be good to read.
For information about future projects or to contact the author please visit my websites and
Thank you for your interest in my novels.