Cursed: Ancient Egyptian Time Travel

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About the author

Wend Petzler

Blending of history and adventure, twists and turns, bringing together the heroine and the hero has been a lifelong dream for Wend Petzler. Introduced to books at an early age by a mother who loved historical romances, once she read The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwess, Ms. Petzler was hooked into the world of knights and ladies, history and romance. Stories swirled in her head, demanding to be put on paper and thus the writer was born. The first to be published was Blood Keep and since then, she has been writing adventures mixed with history ever since.

Now her love of horror and paranormal began with Pet Cemetery by Stephen King. Hiding under the covers with a flashlight, reading stories about the fearful desires of the human heart, combined with the supernatural, life would never be the same for this avid reader. When Salem's Lot landed in Ms. Petzler's eager hands, the reader gave way to the writer and stories flowed onto paper. Intertwining humor and history with vampires, ghosts, and monsters, the human kind, too, Wend Petzler brings to life characters that haunt her dreams and waking hours.