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G J Ogden

At school I was asked to write down the jobs I wanted to do as a ‘grown up’. Number one was astronaut and number two was a PC games journalist. I only managed to achieve one of those goals (I’ll let you guess which), but these two very different career options still neatly sum up my lifelong interests in science, space and the unknown, and computer technology.

School also steered me in the direction of a science-focused education over literature and writing, which strongly influenced my decision to study Physics at UMIST, now part of Manchester University. What this degree taught me is that I didn’t like studying Physics and instead enjoyed writing much more, which led me to become editor of the University magazine, GRIP. This was the stepping stone into the first of my careers in IT journalism. The lesson? School can’t tell you who you are, or what you want to be!

During my professional career, I spent seven years as a technology journalist, including creating and launching Custom PC magazine for Dennis Publishing, the most successful enthusiast PC magazine in the UK. I then moved into PR and marketing for world-leading technology brands. But, my passion for Sci-Fi and writing only grew stronger and more than twenty years after choosing to study Physics instead of writing, I came full circle and now write and independently publish science fiction novels.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, walking in the British countryside, and indulging in as much Sci-Fi as possible.