Zipdash the Space Pirate

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Jordy Zipdash

Jordy Zipdash is a writer of fictional rhyming childrens books. Born in Scotland, Jordy still has his roots in his home country but enjoys interest in experiencing new opportunities which helps him create ideas for his writing skills. He has a love for childhood literature, especially books by Dr Seuss, Maurice Sendak and Roald Dahl and later the adventures of Tintin and Asterix which were nostalgic reads in his childhood. 

Although writing did not come to mind at first as a creative medium, Jordy enjoyed creating Poetry and had ideas of creating a short book of his "thought doodlings".  During this time, Jordy thought up an idea for a storybook character and with a degree of encouragement (both financial and moral support), went to work creating his idea as a self -published e-book for ipad called Zipdash the Space Pirate. 

In his spare time, Jordy enjoys dabbling in photoshop and creating virtual world photography and any book by his favourite author Bill Bryson.  Jordy has a love of music especially in the catalogs of independent UK record labels from early 1970 to 1980s.  He is an avid reader of books on subjects pertaining to early record label pioneers, so much so that he retains the same "D.I.Y. ethic" in his own ventures until maybe that big break!  

Jordy has recently published his first book, Zipdash the Space Pirate which is a story created with a nod to the warm notions of childhood friendships, days of creating rockets out of cardboard boxes and little more than a thirst for adventure and play.