Running into the Dark

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About the author

Jason Romero

Jason Romero is the first and only blind person to run across America, he holds over 10 World Records in Ultra-running, has competed internationally for Team USA at the Paralympic World Marathon Championships, is the subject of a full-length documentary - Running Vision, author of Running into the Dark and is a pioneer for ultra-running for the blind and visually impaired.  In addition to being an ultra-endurance athlete, he has been an attorney, and an executive at GE and a non-profit that helps children with Autism.

Jason is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who has shared his story with a variety of audiences.  He has been written about and featured in Runners World, FORBES, The Today Show, NPR and Ultrarunning Magazine, among others.  He captures his audiences with heart-felt memories and humorous tales from his career, life and adventures.  His talks are relevant both on a professional and personal level focusing on achieving success, overcoming adversity, teamwork, change and leadership.  His talks have been described as "Riveting", "Authentic" and "Profound".