Son of a Mobster

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About the author

Jennie Lyne Hiott

Originally from New York state, Jennie Lyne Hiott has loved the written word all her life. As a child she could be found reading a novel or writing in a notebook. As an adult, writing is still her favorite hobby and she enjoys sharing  her work with others. As well as writing she also designs her own book covers. 
She writes without knowing where the story will go. There's no outline, no predetermined ending. "It goes where it goes. I just write." 
Most of her books take place in Jenithiyah. Jenithiyah is a fictional world that came about because of her fascination with the Bermuda Triangle and ten years of taking care of the elderly as a CNA. She witnessed how short life could be and heard the ones she cared for wish life could be longer. That there could be a place where diseases and sickness could be cured with one shot or pill. So, she created this place for them. She would tell them stories about this place to entertain them and they told her she should put it in the books she was writing. Eventually, she did and now she shares  Jenithiyah, a place that is much like or own, with the entire world.