Stories of the Beginning and Creation

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IDP Research Division

As a division of Islamic Digital Publishing, we are committed to writing and compiling authentic Islamic eBooks in the English language. With a growing database of literature we aim to cater for all readers by specializing in a wide variety of categories and fields of Islamic knowledge such as creed, history, biographies, various sciences and removing doubts and misconceptions about Islam. Our goal and objective is to give you brief yet comprehensive coverage on different topics in detail by adopting two methods of criteria for this purpose. Firstly, we avoid using repetitions and dwelling too much on a particular point which tends to be lengthy and boring to the average reader. By using this method we accomplish the first objective of making the topic brief. Secondly, we avoid leaving out relevant and important documented reports related to the topic from the authentic sources of Islam which in turn sparks more interest to the reader. By using this method we accomplish the second objective of making the topic comprehensive. We, at all times, try to provide our readers with what they are looking for in the field of Islamic knowledge.