The Scarlet Forest A Tale of Robin Hood 2nd ed.

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About the author

A. E. Chandler

A. E. Chandler holds a Master of Arts with Merit from the University of Nottingham, where she wrote her dissertation on the social history behind Robin Hood. While earning a BA in Ancient and Medieval Studies at the University of Calgary, she also took courses in publishing and creative writing. Living in England, and travelling in Europe, Asia, and Africa have also contributed to her stories and characters - she has been chased by a camel rider through the Sahara Desert, skated down a volcano in Sicily, and gotten unintentionally locked inside of a medieval prison in France. Chandler has had short stories, poetry, and articles published, in addition to a book of collected non-fiction entitled Into the World, and the novel The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood. Currently, she lives in Calgary, where she teaches, volunteers with the Glenbow Museum’s military collection, and writes historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction concerning history.