The 40-Day Postnatal Plan

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Samira Mohamed Ali

As a former brands model, international actress and TV/film producer, Samira has been meditating since she was eighteen years old. Not only have these practices provided a coping mechanism for dealing with the pressures of a gruelling schedule, but mindfulness techniques also helped her overcome the fear and anxiety of walking catwalks and red carpets around the globe and allowed her to clear her mind to effectively learn scripts for movie roles and present at live events too.

During her acting career, Samira spent time overseas where she was able to develop her meditation skills with top experts and take her breathing techniques to another level. These advanced teachings further helped Samira with her stressful work and intense travelling schedule where she was expected to stay extremely focused.

Samira holds the following qualifications: Mindfulness and Meditation Diploma, and Psychology Diploma from the Centre of Excellence, UK, and has undertaken Meditation Movement, in India. Using power of breathing exercises, Samira has a passion for helping people living with the symptoms of depression, anxiety and fear to discover a more loving, positive life.