Doll Learns a Different Lesson at the St Patrick’s Day Masquerade

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About the author

Lori Laidlaw

Lori is a bit shy...

She confesses she's half in love with all of her characters... and their moods range from playful to dangerous and everything in between!

Spicy and steamy but not boringly clinically explicit descriptions. Instead her scenes are designed to stimulate your imagination, with multiple POV stories expressing mature themes and passionate encounters.

Lori's latest publication is a wolf-shifter omegaverse titled "Lockdown + 3 Alphas = Heat: An Omega's THRILLING dark romantic adventure".

Lori recently published "Girlie" taken from her "Girlie and the O'Shea Brothers" 6-part series of novelettes now revised and rewritten into one novel with additional content.

A couple of holiday-themed short stories exploring the DD/lg dynamic: "Santa's Christmas Party with the Littles", and "A New Year's Resolution for Boss Daddy's Tardy Middle".

"Dared to Bare", the story of a married couple's playtime with erotic spanking. It includes six fun and sexy short stories.

Her first novella was "Secrets, Secrets", a new adult RH dabble.