Don't be a Hero

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Johnny Parker

Johnny Parker is a bit of a latecomer to the writing party, but that means he has a whole goody bag of experience to pour into his writing.

Influenced by British comedy from Boys from the Blackstuff to Only Fools and Horses, Johnny likes to find the humour in real life and balance the funny with the sad.

Labelled a scatterbrain by his 1960’s Headmistress, Johnny has turned the insult into inspiration and has published kids picture books, joke books, a war biography and now a serial comedy based in a betting shop. Not so much writing to market as writing to life.

Success has done a knock and run on Johnny's door, winning an award for a short comedy film and several short story prizes. He’s had a comedy play produced and he even had the Museum of Liverpool Life include his quotes on some of their exhibits.

Johnny’s feature film screenplay Freak House, was one of only a small number of scripts chosen to be critiqued by Hollywood script guru Karl Iglesias at the London Screenwriters Festival. This time next year (Rodney), he might just be a millionaire.