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Lou Kamradt

Lou Kamradt has a bucket list, and one of those items is to become an author.  She has concluded three books; “Sam Finds Love,” “Sam Loves the Ranch,” and “Sam is Loved.” These are a trilogy, “Sam Loves,” historical romance written in the time of the late 1800s in Wyoming. Lou has also written several short stories.

Lou was born in Benton, IL. She graduated from Eureka College with a BA in education. She also attended: Normal IL University, Boise University, and Arizona University. Lou is a member of RWA, SW Houston RW, and has attended several writer’s conferences.

Lou has accomplished several positions as a schoolteacher, administrative secretary, forklift driver, manager of a personnel office, and social director while her husband was a Wagon Master on several tours into Mexico and tail gunner on tour into Canada.

Life can be complicated or full of activities, whether they are inside or outside of their home. Lou chose life with never a dull moment. She has moved repeatedly as an Army war brat moving with her parents during WWII. Then again with her husband; living in IL., AZ., Id., and TX.

Her writing background is full from being active with her husband and their four children; also, retirement living in a motor home thirteen years and traveling in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Lou’s mind is full of stories, and now she has the opportunity to write them down. Enjoy her books.

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