After the Sun Rises

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Andrew Glen

In 2008 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and I underwent two years of treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. In January of 2010 I had my bladder removed and thankfully I have been cancer free since then. 

In 2014 I self-published my memoir “Beating the Odds”, A Chronicle of a Cancer Survivor’s Battle with Cancer, Inadequate Healthcare and Social Injustice. Unlike most cancer survivor success stories, my book differs because it provides the reader with a poignant look into the trials and tribulations that all cancer patients have to deal with above and beyond their treatment.

Since then I have gone on to publish:

“The Reporter” a unique and poignant story given the current events and public sentiment. It is a fast-paced tale of a tormented woman reporter, who accidentally kills a man in self-defence on her way home from work one night. She soon discovers that the man was a war vet living on the street, facts that are shockingly similar to her own dad’s situation.

“After The Sun Rises” a sequel to “The Reporter”. After a car accident leaves Jill and her family devastated they must deal with the aftermath with the help of an unsuspecting helper. The woman who caused the accident.

“The Grotto and Other Stories” a collection of short stories based on real life events.

“C-ancer-athartic poems” a book of poetry containing poems I wrote during and after my cancer treatment.

“Eli and the Fisherman” a heartwarming children’s book that tells the story of a young boy and an old fisherman.

“Sebastian’s Fish” a delightful children’s story about a boy who goes to buy his first fish.

“Didi’s Demise” in “Sebastian’s Fish” Sebastian bought his first fish. Now the family are getting a cat-Charlie-. What will that mean for poor Didi? Read to find out.

*Note: All children’s books were illustrated by the incredible Jonathan (JJ) Anderson.*