A Trail of Code Bodies

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Blaise Parsons

If book reading is a disease, then Blaise Parsons caught the bug young from his dad. Reading at least two books a week, his dad would pick the really good ones and pass them on to his young protégé, who began to devour them.

As Blaise grew older, he began wondering as to what his personal life goal would be. Everyone had to have one, right? Otherwise there wasn’t anything to really strive for. A job is just there to fund the real endgame! He decided that his dream would be to publish a book, and that he’d be happy if even a single stranger bought a copy. He also vowed that day to make sure the first book sold wasn’t to his mom. That’d be cheating.

Blaise’s first book, written around the ripe age of 16, was so bad that future Blaise, at the age of 21, couldn’t finish his read through and banished it to the void, where it would hopefully never again see the light of day. He tried writing again later that year, determined to revive his five year old dream, and he succeeded. A Trail of Code Bodies was born.

His friends know him for his love of all things edgy, and they make fun of him for it. They’re just jealous because Blaise knows that one day, edge will rule the world in the form of cool jackets. Short leather jackets, jackets worn over the shoulders, trench coats… His current collection is one to be admired... or looked at with a horrified expression. 

Blaise struggles daily as he is forced to decide between playing a video game or finishing a book idea, and he hasn’t yet found hard evidence that girls exist on the internet.