Best Day Ever: The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Jesse Rotholz

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About the author

Jim Rotholz

Jim Rotholz, PhD is a former missionary, aid worker, and assistant professor of anthropology. He and his wife, Louise, have lived and worked in several countries in Africa and Asia, as well as various states across the U.S. Now retired, they currently live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwesterm Virginia. Their one daughter, Abigail, lives in Eugene where she is a disability adviser at the University of Oregon.

This is Jim's fourth book, written to honor his late son, Jesse, who led a remarkably inspirational life. It represents an emotional departure from his previous books on the convergence of faith and culture by delving into the meaning of his son's brief but impactful life and its wider implications for the world he left behind.

When Jim and his CPA wife, Louise, are not otherwise occupied, they like camping, traveling, and exploring the natural and cultural wonders around them. Their mutual faith and love have survived forty years of marriage and a host of health and personal challenges along the way...and they are still smiling.