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Matt Owens Rees

To write the most informative books on Thailand and Thai Lifestyle; and to give my readers and followers the best value I can in social anthropology, I set up a national focus group.

It took some time to develop but is now paying dividends. I can bounce ideas off Thais from varying social classes. From poor farmers and construction workers to those working in offices and shops. From bankers to well-off business owners. The group includes members of the so-called hi-so elite as well as military and police officers.

Interaction sometimes needs to be one-to-one as Thais are cautious expressing their views in front of other Thais.

To understand Thailand and to integrate better with the Thai people and their culture, it’s important to observe and listen rather than doing all the talking oneself. After all, God gave us two eyes and two ears but only ONE mouth. Through field research and discussions with Thais, either in normal conversation or in the lecture theatre, I am able to present a rich picture of the real Thailand, warts and all.

Despite not being similar in style, my books reflect on some of the observations in “Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind”.  ln my opinion, the best introductory book on Thais and Thailand. Written by Carol Hollinger in 1965, its insights are still very revealing and up to date.

Sadly, Hollinger passed away at 45 years old before she could see her best-selling book in print. I also lost the opportunity to collaborate with her on a new book on the concept of Face in Thailand.

I also write on the platform. There is a link on my website,

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