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Damian Carner

Damian Carner is a renowned expert in healthy and innovative nutrition. He was born in Atlanta in 1956 and graduated with a degree in Food Science and Nutritional Studies from Carson-Newman University. After graduating college, Carner delved into his own practice and provided one-on-one nutritional coaching sessions, helping clients find inner motivation and cultivate key tools to keep up momentum to achieve better eating habits and weight loss. Subsequently, Carner lived in Hong Kong for two years and in Sierra Leone for three years — two countries which have the highest and lowest life expectancies in the world, respectively. The time he spent in these regions allowed him to compare the lifestyles and nutritional principles that their people live by. Carner has collaborated with numerous scientists in order to identify the best strategies for keeping fit and healthy without giving up good food. His teachings about health and nutrition helped change thousands of lives both locally and internationally. The insights Carner gleaned from his research are laid out in his best-selling books, namely "Gastric Band Hypnosis", “Dr. Sebi Diet", "Gastric Band Hypnosis(second edition)", ”Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis”, “Dr. Sebi Diet & Treatments", “Carnivore Diet”, “Dash Diet” and “Carnivore and Dash Diet,”— all of which are now available on Amazon for you to purchase, download, share, and enjoy.