THE AGE OF NEW ERA: Discovering the Power to Shape the Future

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About the author

Rafal Zygula

Rafal Zygula is a Master of Science in Managerial Economics, Bachelor of Public Relations, and Certified Sustainability and Digitalization Business Developer. Beyond his academic achievements, Rafal is a dedicated writer and visionary who seeks to unite the world through his work. With a lifelong passion for storytelling, he has honed his writing craft across various genres, from songs and poems to short stories and screenplays. 'The Age of New Era' is the culmination of almost two decades of refining his magnum opus, a genre-bending debut that delves into the themes of humanity's advancement and the future of technology. By blending memoir, fiction, and science fiction, Rafal invites readers to embark on a thought-provoking journey that explores our shared destiny.

When he's not immersed in the world of writing, Rafal can be found in his studio, meticulously painting underlayers for the canvases he builds himself. His passion for exploring new technologies and multimedia production brings an innovative spark to his creative process. Whether he's experimenting with music or multimedia projects, Rafal's artistic endeavors transcend traditional boundaries. In his quest to deepen his understanding of human civilization and emerging technologies, he dedicates time to researching fascinating subjects that shape the world we live in.

Rafal cherishes the time spent with his family, finding inspiration and support in their presence. Together, they embrace the joys of life and nurture a love for exploration and discovery. Join Rafal on this literary adventure, where the power of imagination meets the wonders of human achievement, and discover a new era of storytelling and possibility.