Woman, Goddess & Savior: Awakening Your Divine Feminine

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About the author

Richard Axial

Richard Axial, a business school graduate of one of the world’s most renowned universities, enjoyed a successful top-level management career in both commercial enterprises and nonprofit organizations, but during this time he always understood that a job is not a purpose. So, more than two decades ago he left that lucrative career in order to follow the call of the Life Divine.

During his subsequent spiritual journey he studied under both male and female teachers. In parallel with his spiritual development, he experienced a growing awareness of the need for women’s empowerment in global and community affairs, and the need for greater presence of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, in the human heart.

As a consequence of these two passions, he developed a fresh new path of spiritual awakening specifically designed for modern women, one intended to meet their needs as career women, mothers and householders. The methods and practices of his school stand in significant contrast to the methods typically employed by more traditional spiritual teachers.

As a parallel expression of his commitment to the Divine, from 2005-2015 Richard also served on the governing board of a scientific institute at the forefront of consciousness research, and the knowledge gleaned there has contributed to his unique approach to spiritual awakening.