Marthas Sister Beloved Prodigal

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About the author

Patricia Annalee Kirk

Patricia Annalee Kirk wrote the Biblical novel "Martha's Sister Beloved Prodigal." 

Prior to this book, she compiled "Escape from the Prison System. Finding the Narrow Door," short stories of prisoners who became good citizens through salvation.

Patricia started life in Lawrence, Kansas. She went to a one-room school called Knowledge Hill for eight years. She joined the military at eighteen, serving in both the Army and Air Force. Later she attended the University of Kansas through the GI Bill and graduated with a degree in Advertising and Editorial Art. 

People worshipped youth. The national theme was “Don’t trust anyone over thirty.” She attended KU at thirty. Over the hill, she graduated at thirty-three with a Bachelor‘s Degree in Graphics. After her divorce, she supporting her son by temping--everything from factory work to a week in the service of a US senator. A year and a half out of college, she landed her first professional job. 

In 1985 with the help of her one major surgery without insurance  and the inevitable financial crash, she converted to Christianity. "Martha’s Sister Beloved Prodigal" is her first novel.