Bravo's Veil

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Michael Croucher

Michael Croucher was on the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department for 18 years and served on The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime.  His second career was in the financial service industry.  During both careers, he wrote short stories as a hobby.  An award –winning fiction writer and retired from business,  he now writes  novels and more short stories.
Mike and his wife live in a small Ontario town. They have two married daughters, and five grandchildren. When he’s not writing, He reads fiction, follows hockey, and enjoys the small-town life.
Over the years he's travelled a great deal. When he could, he visited museums, art galleries, and historic sites. Occasionally, he had the opportunity to travel and watch the world from a train. He's been on some famous ones: the Red Prussian down the East German border (just after the wall came down), the Flying Scotsman from London to York, and New Zealand’s Silver Fern. He loves train trips, and hopes to enjoy a few more, even some shorter and less exotic routes.