How To Crochet - A Guide For Newbies

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Sarah Taylor

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I am a full-time Mom to three gorgeous girls, and a self-confessed wool craft addict! My Mom taught me how to knit at a very early age and after the initial disastrous projects and frustration-induced 'hissy fits', the craft just 'clicked' (pun intended) with me, and I have been a knitting fanatic ever since.

However, something which bugged me for many years was seeing beautiful patterns which I wanted to make, only to find that they were crochet patterns and not knitting patterns. For some reason I had a mental block with crochet - it was in the 'too hard basket'. All that changed just a few years ago when I saw the most gorgeous pattern for a shawl which I simply HAD to make - and it was a crochet pattern. I was on a mission. I sat myself down with a book from the library and taught myself how to crochet. Was it all plain sailing? No, not at all, but after a while it just 'clicked' for me (like with the knitting) and I now enjoy crochet just as much as knitting.

When I was teaching myself how to crochet one of the things I had a problem with was remembering the exact steps to produce each different stitch. I had to keep flicking through the library book pages to find the instructions, then flick back to the project pattern that I was trying to follow, all whilst holding my crochet hook and yarn at the same time. This is where having the instructions to hand on your Kindle can make life a lot easier; you don't have to thumb backwards and forwards through loads of pages - you can simply go to the Table of Contents and click through to find the instructions for each particular stitch.

I hope that my book 'How To Crochet - A Guide For Newbies' will inspire lots of folks to have a go at this fun and creative hobby!