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Solaria's Fist

K. D. Karnik is the pen name of Krishna, a science fiction author and graduate of the Alpha Writers Workshop. He is fascinated by the nature of words and philosophy, the human brain and human nature. 

He likes plodding through snow and imagining stray cats popping round the corner to purr at him, snow minus the biting winter wind, of course. He likes to lift his face and stare at the galactic disc, hoping he can do more than imagining about it. He wonders  what it would be like to live on a Dyson Sphere around one of the flickering reddish suns.

*Probably, it wouldn't be that different as experience, since if someone lives in a small patch of land on a world with trillion times Earth's area, they'd need at least a hundred reincarnations to even read all the maps, let alone tour it beyond our village.*