Hammer of the Gods

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About the author

RK Wheeler

I dream of traveling the world with a laptop and gleaning inspiration from frosty peaks, deep valleys and thick forests, but for now I write between patients or after hours.

I enjoy beekeeping when I am not writing or working as a chiropractic physician.  The busy buzz of the female bees is a relaxing hum, well, until one gets into your bee suit.  Then there are moments of sheer terror, with the occasional lancing pain.  So I recently invested in a new dragon armor for bees, that thus far is immune from their little stingers.

They don't seem to understand that I am there for more than robbing them of their honey, but to help keep out pests and to give them food or medicine when needed.

I like to exercise almost daily.  During this time I listen to audiobooks, either my own or authors in my genre typically.  

Of course I succumb to Facebook's allure, but it is not all laughs and politics, for I belong to perhaps 30 or more writing groups where I learn and share information about authorship.

Family time is very important to me and now that my books are being converted to audio I am having more success in getting family to listen to what I have writen.

My favorite spot to read is on the sunny deck of a cruise ship in the turquoise waters of the Caribean.  No cell phones or interuptions.

I am excited to get the sequel to Scions of Azazyel to paper for my fans.  It is all in my brain, it is a matter of getting it all on the computer and then the editing begins.

I love writing fantasy, as not even I know where the story might take us until it is complete.  It seems to have a life of its own as I read, ponder and dream.