The Yummy Jellybeans of Relationships

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About the author

Tracey Calvert-Joshua

I wasn’t bullied. I didn’t have a learning disability. I wasn’t picked last. And even if all of that were true, it doesn’t matter anymore. 

I have the type of background that can be exploited for this author page. But I won’t. Beyond what happened to me, I want to stay focused on who I am, inherently. Who I am when I’m alone. When there are no distractions. 

I’m a ponderer. I’m a tinkler. I’m an autodidact.

Maybe I’m slightly too obsessed with the meaning and purpose of everything. Maybe I’m too hardcore. Maybe I’m too optimistic. 

But I like who I am. It took me years, but I enjoy Tracey Calvert-Joshua. She’s a wild combination of sometimes conflicting interests. 

But combinations are wonderful. And so am I. 

This is who I am.