Manipulación Psicológica: Aprende a Influir y Manipular Los Comportamientos Humanos. Descubre Técnicas Para el Lavado de Cerebro con PNL, Hipnosis y Lectura de Lenguaje Corporal.

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About the author

Erik Goleman

Renowned author Erick Goleman is an established psychiatrist, researcher, and author. Born in 1978 in Washington, Erick has devoted a significant part of his life to studying the human behavior and mysteries of the mind; he currently lives in Seattle.

He has been vastly interested in human psychology and how readily people display their thoughts in body language. He recently wrote a book on "How to analyze people with dark psychology."

Dark psychology is a very active branch and often used in manipulation, coaxing, persuasion for its benefit. It indeed is a very dark branch and often used by individuals in their daily lives to get things their way.

Erick has been intrigued by this behavior, and he has helped in analyzing and understanding how it is done. The book is a complete guide to gain control of your mind and understand the markers in dark psychology used in toxic relationships widely.

Subconsciously people fall prey to this behavior without even knowing it, but this book discusses all the traits elaborately explained. It sure is a start to understanding and brings the change in the human reckoning of honesty and sincerity in an everyday relationship.