I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One

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About the author

Ainsley A. Carter

Ainsley A. Carter was born in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean, in the Parish of St. Phillip, Six Roads to be exact. He was raised with the concept of working hard by doing, walking over a mile every Sunday to church and back, hoping to hitch a ride in any direction because at that time many people could not afford a car. He was poor in material wealth but rich in spirit. He carries with him the reminders of when it all started and the evolution of the growth in his life.

Although professionally an Electrician, his love of writing began at a young age. He always had a flair for creativity and a curiosity to see how things were done while adding a little spunk to it. This caused his father to say that there was something different about him.  His biggest thrill in life, apart from fast cars and motorcycles, is the passion to encourage others to search within themselves and find that hidden talent that would make them feel complete while creating a sense of purpose.  He then challenges them to challenge themselves to birth that talent that the whole world is waiting for. Never give up based on time and or obstacles, because everything happens with time and obstacles are there to be conquered. It is his hope that this book will make a difference in others.  Perhaps an eye-opener, an encourager,  or a reminder to go after your dreams no matter how long it takes.

Ainsley currently resides in the United States with his family and he continues to write. You can contact him through ainsleyacarter.com.