Arias Archer & the Shadow Cloak

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About the author

Hamzah Malik

Hamzah Malik is an author from the UK, who began writing at the age of 7, although he openly admits that none of that work is ever going to be publishable. During the summer of 2010, Hamzah told his younger sister a bedtime story, all about the adventures of a fictional boy he created called 'Arias Archer'. He was encouraged to write a novel based on the story, and 'Arias Archer & the Shadow Cloak' was finished 6 years later.

During this time, he attended university, where he earned an English degree, started his own marketing business and won numerous awards for his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Hamzah enjoys speaking at schools about writing, loves drinking Jimmy's coffee and is currently writing the sequel to Arias Archer, where old foes return in new and perplexing ways.

Follow him on Twitter @HamzahWrites for daily short fantasy stories.