Advanced End of Day Trading

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About the author

J.R. Calcaterra

J.R. Calcaterra is a worldwide respected trading mentor and author who is from the Great Lakes State. A successful position trader J.R. likes the freedom that investing and trading gives him to pursue his other passions which are many.

Being a firm believer of keeping it simple when investing and trading J.R. has developed a winning method with a rule based plan which allows him to swing trade and position trade and have zero stress zero drama and zero complications.

J.R. took the capital he made from his former day trading business and parlayed that into starting a Nano hedge fund which he now runs. Having the hedge fund and only doing position and swing trading have given him even more free time.

J.R. is a mentor to aspiring new traders who need extra help in understanding what it takes to become consistently profitable in the investment and trading business.

J.R. loves to travel to exotic locations and takes full advantage of the freedom trading gives him. He can manage the fund from anywhere on the planet there is WIFI and takes full advantage of the fact that trading can be done from anywhere in the world.

A car enthusiast J.R. likes very fast cars and drives an old German car that goes real fast.