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About the author

Aaron Bebo

Aaron Bebo is the author of the Love Drugs 7 Hip Hop series, and a list of other urban street based novels. He has been dubbed The Director With A Pen by his loyal readership. For the derail attributes of his writing. His debut Change For A dollar is a certified street classic.

Aaron started his writing career in the mid-eighties. Composing song lyrics with thoughts of becoming an entertainer. He was detoured from pursuing a music career due to poor choices. Choices which eventually lead to his incarceration. While incarcerated he read and developed his writing to a point, he could express himself in stories.

Once released he focused on getting his work published. He used his knowledge on publishing he learned from the music business, and within a year of his release he had published his debut title. Since releasing the title Aaron his contributed several other novels, and has appeared in many anthologies. 

Aside from writing he is also a host on Real Raw Radio. A Blogtalk show in which he along with other co-host interview celebrities, and discuss life issues. He hopes to work in radio and television one day, possibly doing voice overs, commercials or hosting some type of syndicated show. Feeling his voice will add value to those markets.

His overall objective is to touch the people through his words, and continue to be a voice that brings the urban sub-culture to the surface. He currently resides in the south-east United states.