Chatter in the Halls

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Maria Gorman

Hello, my name is Maria Gorman. I was born to Italian immigrant parents and I grew up in Baltimore, MD. We were a typical Italian family, we spoke Italian in the house, ate Italian meals every day, and celebrated most holidays with a fabulous, fun group of Italians who came over to the US with my parents. They all had kids my age, so we had a great time growing up in this crazy Italian lifestyle.

I found a passion for reading while in elementary school, which probably helped me with my English, since I spoke only Italian as a child. Reading opened my mind to imagination and with that I always found myself creating stories in my head.

I guess you could call me a closet writer. I had and still have journals and notebooks filled with stories, pieces of stories, diary entries, many things. I loved to write.

Fast forward to last year when I self-published my first book "Chatter in the Halls."

Today, an empty nester, I live in Mt. Airy, MD with my husband and a crazy cat named KIP.

Welcome to my world of imagination.