The Third Key

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V.K. Ramsey

"I never thought of becoming a writer. It just happened. From my childhood was taking shelter in stories, books, adventures and fantasies. I am sure that saved me from lot of trouble and pain.

Healing effect that good story gives to our minds and souls is just irreplaceable - I therefore enjoy in writing my books.

I guess I am 'selfish'. I learned that we always get what we give to others and what I am after is the real truth behind the apparent experience this world offers."

Victor K. Ramsey was born in 1971 in Hartford, Connecticut from parents in the upper middle class. Amongst other kids and students, his intuitiveness and urge to know the truth did not make him too popular; reading, drawing and martial arts were his 'safe places' in those days. Before his graduation he left home in order to find answers on questions that have bothered him. Sick and tired from illusory shine of the world around him, Vic has followed his heart's call.

'Who am I?', 'Why I am Here' and 'Where I am Going?' quest brought him to interesting places and situations. He traveled to various places in India, Nepal, Peru and Europe spending time where he could learn and grow. His quest made him study martial arts such as Aikido, Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. Also, this author dedicated years, studying Sanskrt and ancient scriptures, living in the places where ancient Vedic Culture is still preserved. There he had chance to meet and learn from genuine spiritualist that 'walk the talk'.

V.K. Ramsey wrote several books and his friends back in Europe sort of 'forced' him to start publishing. He works on his books, teaches Chi Kung and realistic Self-Defense in Europe, Prague.