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JM Mercedes

JM Mercedes is a professional educator with over 19 years of experience, an acclaimed author, a mother of one gorgeous daughter, and an avid gardener. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Chemistry Minor) and a Master's in Education Administration. JM lives in California with her daughter. From her previous book Hung’s Revenge and Rebecca’s Fate,.  JM Mercedes is back with another book that showcases her talent, mastery of telling stories, and fiercely exploratory creativity. Her current book is Infinite Love, the sequel to Eternal Love and First Love. Eternal Love where a young man losing his girl to a car accident and never truly confessing his love.  First Love features a young teen finding her child's best friend and realizing they were meant to be.   JM enjoys the delicious Italian cuisines at Italian restaurants, hanging out with her daughter and their two dogs, Bella and Chichi, pampering her chickens and ducks, and tilling her beautiful garden.