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Brigitta Moon Author Interview by Colin Garrow

Brigitta: Thank you, Colin, for this wonderful opportunity. I am excited to meet new readers and share my stories.

​​​​​​​Colin: What inspired you to write the Marston Thriller series?

​​​​​​​Brigitta: This is a great question. At the beginning of GUILTY, book one of the series, as an introduction I actually tell the reader how the story came about. During the warm months, I usually run the track in the morning. I love to snack, so I have to exercise to balance my weight. On this one particular morning, as I started my morning run, I saw something on the track. The average person may have paid it no attention, but as an author, I write all kinds of stories and conclusions in my mind from anything. I was not sure what was leaning against the dumpster. As I slowed my jog, keeping my eyes on the thing against the dumpster, I wrote a whole scene in my mind. It was not until I closed in that I saw what it was.  After finishing book one, I thought the characters, mainly the detectives, had room to grow in a series. I opted to base The Marston Series on a town. Within a town, people come and go giving rise to a reader meeting fresh character with each story. 

​​​​​​​Colin:  Your books often have complex relationships at their heart (like in A Husband’s Will of Fortune). Do you plan these out beforehand or are you a pantser?

​​​​​​​Brigitta: I am definitely a pantser. I never plan my books in the beginning stages. There have been times when I have been stumped at how to proceed with a story, so I may outline a few chapters to get a feel for how to continue. This may sound strange, but I have to tell you; the characters never follow the outline. I start writing from the blueprint and then the characters always take over. They write their own stories. Emmaline, the main character of A Husband’s Will of Fortune, was very hard to control. She never once followed the story outline. I was shocked when she announced she was pregnant. It became difficult to move the story forward as I had envisioned her. Finally, I let her have her way, and the story was able to be written. I give characters life on paper. They help me write their stories.

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