Vaccine free Healthy in a Viral Epidemic How to Prevent Virus Infections Vaccine-Free with Three Effective Antiviral Strategies

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About the author

Traudl Wöhlke

Traudl Woehlke is a licensed German healing practitioner specializing in homeopathy, whole and raw food nutrition and energy psychology. It has been her mission to empower her readers to take control of their health by providing relevant information anybody can apply.

Traudl lives in Southern Germany. She is mother to two adult daughters, "grandmother" to a dozen horses and foster mother to 4 stray cats. She loves to be outdoors, foraging all edibles to be found in nature.

She has lived on whole and raw foods with her family for more than 30 years, and taught whole and raw food nutrition for decades to adults and kids. After she experienced the benefits of homeopathy in her kids, her animals and herself, she studied and trained in homeopathy and qualified for a formal healing license.

She is available for health and nutritional consultations via email and Skype.