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Charles J. Barone

Chuck Barone was born a long time ago, too long ago he says, to contemplate without slipping into bouts of self-pity. He began writing in 3rd grade.
     A few years after graduating high school, it occurred to him to find a career. At the time, two jobs seemed the most likely. One was law enforcement. He figured he could retire while still in his 40’s. If possible, he preferred retiring the day after starting.
     Chuck worked patrol, various ‘special’ details, and investigations. He also served as a firearms and tactics instructor for his department for 16 years. For 15 years he participated in firearms competition with handgun, rifle, and shotgun, and was a champion handgun shooter in police competition in New Mexico. Chuck placed 3rd in national police revolver competition.
     A couple of years after retiring, he wrote his first novel. The first story impressed no one. The people he let read it were either fast readers, or they gave up after a few pages. His next effort ended at around 150 pages. Its reception proved he learned little.
     While wandering through a bookstore he discovered books on writing. He purchased and read several, then sat down for a third try.
      Two reams of paper later, he sent a script to a small publisher. Three months later, Chuck was stunned to receive word that the publisher liked it, and offered a contract to publish it.
      After some back and forth to ‘fix’ this, or change that, the book went to publication. Not many months after, the publishing house was out of business.
     A year later, another small publisher wanted his next novel. They were out of business before a year passed. Chuck sometimes ponders the significance of the two closures.
     In the midst of all this he managed to make time to find a wife and get married. Linda has been his rock and support. She’s also a great writer in her own right, when she can find the time.
      Which brings us to now, and the several books available.  Have a look. You might find them interesting. If not, thanks for stopping by, and try not to be a stranger. There are others coming.