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Flora Burgos

Flora Burgos is a romance author from the great state of Texas. She found reading at a very tender age, devouring the bodice rippers of yore, long before she ever even had her first kiss. After an unconventional childhood and tons of travel, she is now a 30-something that steps to her own beat, just that little bit past normal. She's a modern-day hippie, with the heart of a gypsy and the soul of a dreamer and a love for animals and words that mere words do not do justice to. She has an eclectic playlist containing everything from film scores to hip hop and country to hair bands with any and everything in between. She curses like a sailor, is addicted to coffee and diet coke, loves her pit bull, hubby, and preteen son more than anything else in the world and spends her limited free time, when not reading or writing, in the kitchen with her guys where they enjoy cooking as a family.