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Elizabeth (Liz) Bull

Liz Bull helps women who are fed up with weight loss programs that don’t work to finally get a body and a life they love. A veteran and "survivor" of restrictive diets, she cracked the code and is now dedicated to helping women everywhere discover the hidden reasons for their weight, heal emotional eating, reach their healthy weight, and to look and feel fabulous and feminine. In this book, she busts up the myths, misconceptions and misinformation about obesity...disconnecting "fault" from fat.

Her holistic signature private coaching program (Diet-FREE Weight Loss™), on-line program and articles teach women a natural, sustainable and joyous approach to weight loss.  She works with clients to identify and clear the root causes for the weight... so they end the battle with their body, lose weight and never diet again. 

A Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner, Liz has long been fascinated by the important role hidden beliefs play in our lives, especially with weight. She is also a Medical Intuitive and Master Theta Healer. Her other studies and certifications include EFT (Tapping), Psych-K, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, Qi Gong, NLP, Biofield Healing  and Transcendental Meditation.