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Noah Martinez Brown

Noah Martinez Brown is an American entrepreneur originally from upstate New York in a quiet town along the Hudson River. After graduating from Columbia University with a Masters in Information and Knowledge Strategy, Noah spent the first few years of his career working for various Fortune 500 companies. It was during this journey through the business world he started to feel a higher calling. He realized he was missing an important part to his life. Noah soon felt stymied by the corporate structure and decided to strike out on his own.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Noah began building his resume as a business coach and motivational speaker. He quickly amassed a small following and continued growing it until he was being sought after by companies who once sought to employ him.

Not to be outdone, Noah took the next logical step forward and began writing out all of his wisdom for everyone to benefit from. His compassion for helping others is evident in all he does, whether it is inspiring crowds of hungry listeners, or donating time and effort through various charities. Noah believes that everyone can achieve their goals with the proper motivation and go on to become the best versions of themselves.

When he finds the time, Noah enjoys relaxing on a quiet evening with his favorite glass of wine and a good cigar. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, but his mind is always thinking of new and innovative ways to expand upon what he has already accomplished.

Noah’s first book: BE a Leader, Not a Boss is being released in late 2021. It is the first in a planned series of books designed to make everyone better.