Tony Abbott and the Times of Revolution

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Gerard Charles Wilson

After a lifetime working in the book business (mostly educational publishing) I now concentrate on my writing.

One of my formative experiences was living in Holland with my Dutch wife for two and a half years. On returning to Australia, I completed a major in Dutch Language and Literature at Melbourne University and then transferred to La Trobe University where I studied through to a master’s degree in philosophy. My studies and immersion in another culture and language, together with my Catholic faith, form the biggest influences on my writing. But shaping those influences are my mother and father. One could not have wished for better or more principled parents.

My master’s thesis was on Edmund Burke whose thought enters my writing in one way or another. My preoccupations are social and cultural from a Catholic and (Burkean) conservative point of view. This reflects my acceptance of the Catholic idea of the reciprocal relationship between faith and reason.

My favourite fiction authors are Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Evelyn Waugh. Evelyn Waugh’s style and mastery of English have been my biggest influence – not in vain, I hope. My favourite modern non-fiction author is philosopher Roger Scruton. I spend my leisure time reading and occasionally walking along the nearby shores of Port Phillip Bay. I love opera, musicals, and the ballet (The Nutcracker is my favourite.) I enjoy fifties rock ‘n’ roll, forties big band and the American songbook. Mozart is my favourite classical composer, but I am acquiring a liking for Bach.

My novels are in two genres.  First, there are my ‘Catholic’ novels, in the style of Evelyn Waugh, Grahame Greene, and Morris West. I deal with similar issues as these Catholic writers. My Catholic novels are in my CONCILIAR series. The fourth book COUNTERCULTURE DREAMS is due for release in late 2022.

Second, I plan a series of titles in the romance genre.  Love relationships are a way of exploring the human person. I like Jane Austen’s stories because of the satire and social commentary she weaves through her entertaining romantic stories with their engaging tensions. EDITING CONSTANCY (pub. 2021) is the first in a Jane Austen romance series.