Teine: Essays, and interlaced poetry and short stories on the new normal and fighting emotional fires

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D Kai Wilson-Viola

D Kai Wilson Viola is a graduate of Creative Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. A writer since she was four, she's enjoyed everything from horror to thrillers and beyond. The author of the Darkness Continuity, a span of fifty novels featuring Detective Elliot Peters and his colleagues (coming to an e-reader near you soon!) and many non fiction books, she can often be found spending time on creative writing groups, or chattering with people about the art and craft, and joy of writing. She writes in four distinct universes - Darkness, with Elliot Peters, a series of sci-fi thrillers based on a world much like our own, just with far more technology and clones. Edinburgh, reimagined with mages, as that's her hometown and she KNOWS of the magic in those streets, post-apocalyptic earth, where humanity barely survived...but is keeping a few creature comforts going with ingenuity, and post-apocalyptic earth that's burned from the stars, and has two offshot hard sci fi serials. Plus all of her short stories and possibly a fantasy coming soon. A self publisher from the start, she's graduated from crayons and stapled books, and limited edition numbered copies (she was four), to publishing on the new platforms arising each month, Kai is happiest when writing.