Lemon and Its many Uses: 1001 Ways to Benefit from Lemon Fruit and Lemon Water

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About the author

Lendell Sapphira

About the Author

Lendell Sapphira’s background includes an extensive exposure to government service, private organizations, NGOs and religious sector where she had attained adequate knowledge and experience to back up her interests in various fields.  After taking a rest from her long time career as an Executive Officer of a multi-sector organization, she went back to writing to start a new career.

Her first book, DREADFUL FACTS ABOUT DIABETES: How to Quickly Turn the Table Against this Nasty Disease was an offshoot of those horrible days when she and her husband fought against the dreadful disease which ended his life in 2004, leaving her with a son and two daughters.

As her advocacy, she’s writing health books in the hope of teaching people the importance of a healthy lifestyle as an effective preventive measure against world’s leading death-causing diseases.

In between reading and blogging, Lendell started writing and published her own books.