Sell It By Owner and Save II

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About the author

Michael M Kloian

 Michael M Kloian is a licensed Real Estate Broker and a licensed Mobile Home Broker, not an agent. He has been actively involved in the real estate business since May, 1976, in Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, and now resides in Nokomis, FL. He’s received dozens of awards for top producer and top listing agent including the coveted REALTOR OF THE YEAR in 1992, the highest honor anyone can receive in the real estate business since it is voted by his peers. Michael is a former newspaper columnist, has served on governing boards, numerous committees, and has been deeply involved in the politics of real estate. He is a strong advocate of home ownership and fought to preserve the interest deduction for home mortgages.
     Michael is known to be an aggressive, honest practitioner having handled many millions of dollars worth of transactions, and is highly qualified to bring you this practical, in-depth, knowledge filled book for selling your home by owner.
     As the author of Sell It By Owner and Save and Sell It By Owner and Save II, Michael has appeared on dozens of radio talk shows including the infamous Real Estate Insider show on WJR in Detroit. He has also appeared on a number of TV and Cable shows before and after lecturing on the subject of selling by owner throughout the U.S. A. Michael is considered to be one of the leading experts on real estate matters.