Am I Mad or is it Just Me

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Stephen Scorer

Well, I suppose this bit is all about me, well that is going to be boring and a rubbish ending for this unique book! I was born in Worksop in Nottinghamshire. Yes I’m a Robin Hood follower and a lover of the greatest super reds in the world, no not Liverpool or those other imposters like United, I’m a Tricky Tree, yes the mighty Nottingham Forest, are we still living in the past, I would like to think that those times might come back… someday.

I love most sports and I have been quite successful as a Track & Field athlete, if not involved with any of the running variety. Then it would be the motorized stuff that gets the adrenaline rushing, from Stock car racing, rallying to even Truck racing, I have been lucky enough to sample these from close quarters. I was going to blast this section with a load of personal data… ZZzzz. All that is the need, for now, is that I love animals, especially Dogs & Cats (that would make a great film!) and that I am a gay father (that would make an even better film!)