Witches of Venus: The Sacred Dagger

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About the author

Genevieve Lilith Vesta

Genevieve Lilith Vesta is a self-published author of the horror/occult, with a bit of fantasy, thriller, and mystery thrown into the mix.
She was born and raised in Michigan but always dreamt of living in the South. Genevieve began her yearning for the written word thirty-nine years ago at the tender age of ten; she wrote mainly poetry and children's stories in the beginning. As a child, Genevieve was plagued with reoccurring nightmares; so at twelve years old, after reading Pet Sematary from Stephen King, she began to reach deep into the darkness of her own mind and discovered the art of horror within herself and began to write stories about the nightmares that were buried deep inside her. In her teenage years, she became interested in witches and through research, the occult. Soon the love of her true genre was formed, the horror/occult. Genevieve's first book though was a children's fantasy called, Jessika and the Magic Staff, which was based on her daughter.
At the age of thirty-seven, Genevieve's dream of living in the South became a reality when she moved to Virginia with her husband and their three children. There she finally completed her second book, which is in her true genre of occult/horror called, Witches of Venus: Hell's Grim Tyrant, and was the first book of four in the Witches of Venus series.
Through the years, Genevieve tested her talents with different genres like romance, thriller, adventure, mystery and another children's book; she also always stayed true to her heart and first calling, the love of the occult/horror genre.
In the present, Genevieve is forty-nine years old and working on her new book, a science-fiction mystery called, Mysterious Summer. She also is currently in the process of republishing her twelve books that have been self-published previously, with the help from an editor and a manager she did not have before.