Lost Love: A Story of Love, insecurities and friendship.

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About the author

Joni Martins

Although as a child I had dreams of writing books as well as having a career and a family, I never managed to get around actually finishing one. As a young girl, I wrote short stories and plays for my own pleasure and to read to my little sister at the time. The plays we sometimes acted out in front of our family. Now 50 something years young, my first book was published at the end of December 2017. My second book followed in January 2018. I am a mother, wife and career woman, and I try to carefully guard my privacy. Born in The Netherlands, but residing in the UK, I consider myself more or less bilingual. Now my own family is growing up, I have finally picked up this little hobby of mine again. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoyed writing it.