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Douglas Brain

Douglas is a Cognitive Scientist and Software Engineer, turned novelist. In arriving late to the world of fiction, his works are developed and mature from inception.

His books lie somewhere between psychological fiction and holiday thrillers. He creates engaging stories that are easy to read and have a nice flow. He often draws from his knowledge of psychology, investigating the mind and thoughts of his protagonists. The level at which the reader wants to engage with the books is left up to them. One can read at a superficial level and enjoy the plot and excitement he creates. Look deeper, however, and you can detect subtle themes and questions his characters ask themselves, and the reader.

Douglas has a great voice and has received much praise for his writing style and stories he creates. They each stand alone and can be read in any order. He continues to fight the trend for creating formulaic series or over-emotional works, instead choosing to create books that can be read and enjoyed by anyone.