Longing For Moore

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Ebony Little

Ebony Little is an avid reader and writer of fiction romance, having read multiple African American books. She is a single mother of four children. She is a natural-born Buckeye, having been born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She has always been a writer, having written poems and short stories. After having children, she felt it was safe to pursue a career that she knew she would get an actual guaranteed paycheck. She graduated on the Dean’s List at Kaplan College, having studied to become a Medical Assistant. She later started school for nursing before deciding that the medical field was not her idea of a career, so she gave it up deciding to work as a manager at Burger King and then later in a call center. She has always been an entrepreneur and has tried different ways to make money, including selling Avon and Kirby vacuum cleaners. She finally settled on becoming a travel agent, and one of her agents introduced her to their aunt, who happened to be the owner of a virtual book club based out of Columbus, Ohio. After vending at a book fair with the book club as a travel agent, she knew she really wanted to finally have her name on a book. She left there determined to finally finish writing a novel, which she has started multiple times and almost gave up. She started mapping out her book, attending a writing workshop every Monday so she could be around other writers. After losing a close family member to drugs, she mapped out a plan to help other young women starting with her daughter’s age to learn how to love themselves. She has attended multiple workshops gaining knowledge and using it to make sure she is writing a great book. She attended a writer’s conference in Las Vegas, which gave her firsthand experience in turning her book into a business.  She used this information she gained to map out plans for other writing projects she wanted to finally work on as well as the project she already started. She decided to change her book around that she had begun to write so that there was a hidden message to help the women that will read her work. She is currently working on her next writing projects while raising teenage children. She still resides in Columbus, Ohio, but feels the south is calling her and plans on moving to the Carolinas in the future. You can find Ebony on Facebook under her name Ebony Little, Instagram under the name ebony-p-little as well as her website www.paigebooks.com. ​